Monday, 2 April 2012

Reachlainn or Reachra

Confession: my mum is way better at the Internet than I am. Her Google-fu is unrivalled, she has eBay bargains down to a fine art & she is a Groupon master. Groupon is one thing that I have never really gotten to grips with. They send me too many emails that I always delete & I can never really find something that seems particularly interesting to me personally. My mum is Queen of the Weekend Getaway though & she always manages to find really great deals online. Around this time last year she managed to get a super cheap deal on a family cottage on Rathlin Island & so mum, dad, my sister & I all went on a family mini-vacation. You may think being 20-something & still going on family holidays is a bit uncool but then you have obviously never met my family- we are super awesome to be honest.

Another confession: a weekend on an island off the north coast of Ireland isn't exactly my dream holiday (I'd rather be somewhere that served cocktails & had a pool and some cool museums), but it did turn out to be rather lovely & it was so nice to just get away from everything for a few days & walk & read & relax.

Well this year mum managed to come across the same deal, so we'll all be heading off again at the end of August, (hopefully to some better weather- it was a touch blustery last time- ie gale force winds), but this time we will also have the latest addition to the family with us, my dad's amazing puppy, Nevis. I'm not really one for nature walks along the coast, except when you have a puppy with you because then it's 100% more fun so now I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to take him out and see his reaction to all this.


Rathlin is pretty famous for being home to a bajillion or so seabirds so I'm sure he will have a blast. Seabirds are pretty cool, but I have to admit, I'll mostly be looking forward to the evenings after all the fresh air and nature walks so I can have my well earned reward.

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