Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring Fashion Daydreaming

How rubbish is the weather? It's been so horrid here- grey wet & sleety as well as absolutely bloody freezing. It's so much more depressing than usual because last week was SO gorgeous that I fooled myself into thinking that the weather might be nice for the Easter break. Rookie mistake, obvs.

So to cheer myself up I have been thinking about all the nice Spring clothes I would love to buy myself but can't afford. Actually you know, on second thoughts, I don't think I'm doing this right.

For outfit one I've put together a slouchy, sand tee with a mint green dip back skirt. I like that the skirt is slightly dramatic but can definitely be worn casual because the t shirt is so unstructured. The tennis shoes add an urban sport vibe, plus will be comfortable & practical enough to give you the edge at the easter egg hunt. The studded peter pan collar keeps the whole look from being overly plain.

Outfit number two started with the sheer floral shirt- I love sheer fabrics, and I really liked the way the sugary sweet floral print on this shirt is toughened a bit by the contrasting black collar. I think this would look great with just a really nice black bra underneath but a black tank top would be fine if you don't have the courage. The striped jeans go perfect with it- floral & stripe is one of my fave pattern combinations, much like the contrasting collar I think it keeps the florals from being too sugary- that's not really my thing. The Betsey Johnson heels have been on my lust list since I first laid eyes on them- I'm a bit of a sucker for a chunky stacked heel and you can never really go wrong with a nude shoe. Because the patterns are so clashy & are really the main focus here I don't think you need to add to all that with a crazy shoe.

The third outfit is pretty simple- just a cute yellow day dress- perfect for spring because it's the colour of baby chicks & daffodils duh. I love the preppy, white pointy collar too- it just makes me think of G&Ts at the tennis club bar. The wedge shoes are the real stars here- lip print & pastels & cutouts, plus a wedge is easy to walk in when all that gin has gone to your head.

Any of these looks would be perfect with some pretty peach lipstick & lovely lilac polish, plus a cute straw basket tote to carry home all your chocolate eggs in.

For extra kitschy festiveness add bunny ears: and even better these ones can be made at home yourself with some lace, pipe cleaners & a hairband. Pipe cleaners! It's like Blue Peter for grownups.

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