Saturday, 12 May 2012

DIY Embellished Sunglasses

One of my fave things I've seen recently was when blogger Gala Darling tweeted an Instagram pic of herself wearing a pair of sunnies with some serious embellishment going on- gems & jewels of various sizes all over the frames. From that day on they have occupied a little space in my mind- I keep thinking about them in little quiet moments knowing that I would eventually make my own pair.

I haven't really seen a DIY blog post crop up yet so I figured I would go ahead and make my own.

You will need:
  • an old or inexpensive pair of plastic sunglasses
  • costume jewellery you don't mind taking apart
  • pliers
  • superglue (or an epoxy rubber-type glue like E6000- in fact this would prob be better but I don't have any)
  • old fabric to cover your surface
  • something to rest your glasses on- I used an old plastic wineglass
  • old tweezers you don't mind getting ruined

Cover the area you're working on with fabric and rest your glasses on an object, wide enough that they sit flat, and tall enough the legs can hang down. Use the pliers to pick apart your jewellery- I used old necklace & bracelet charms, earrings, plastic pearls from a ring and small lengths of a chain with pearly beads on it. I also used some nail jewels to fill any gaps.

Superglue your chosen bits & pieces round the frames- I stuck the charms across the tops of the frames & the pearly beaded chain along the bottoms. Take care not to stick your fingers together/to the glasses- this is where the tweezers come in. Please don't use your Tweezermans or anything like that as these will be ruined once you're done. Mine are a pair I use to stick gems to my nails so they're wrecked anyway.

Et voila!

I am so pleased with how they turned out- I got a little bit of glue on the right lens which I will try cleaning off with WD40, but you would barely even notice. It was really cheap as well- I already had everything, so it was technically free, but for a rough price breakdown: the sunnies were £1.50 from a cheap high street clothes shop last year, the jewellery was mostly stuff I bought in Topshop everytime they did a 50p sale combined with a 'buy one get one free' (I always go way overboard & spend about a tenner on jewellery I never wear when one of those pops up) & the superglue I bought in the £1 shop. Bargain, really.

Definitely try it for yourself- not only is it enjoyable, it doesn't take very long, and you end up feeling super proud of the result when you've finished. I think I will prob do this a few times- using lighter coloured glasses, more jewels, little plastic flowers- the possibilities are endless!


  1. This is a really cute DIY.
    I don't do DIY on my blogs so i'm always well-impressed with people who come up with these cute ideas.

    1. Thanks, I wish I could do more but I'm not quite as creative as a lot of te other people out there who DIYs! I'll have to get my thinking cap on x

  2. I love these! They look awesome! :D

    1. Thank you :) I still love them & I've done it to a bunch of others now too! x