Sunday, 13 May 2012

Movie Style: Practical Magic

I have an undying love for the movie Practical Magic. It is one of my favourite films of all time- there is nothing about it I don't love. I first watched it as a kid & fell in love with it then, but only watched it a few times after that and then sort of, forgot about it. Until one night, during uni, over a bottle of cheap wine or three, I watched it with a couple of my besties on an old VCR my friend bought in first year because tapes were cheap in charity shops- bless her. I have since watched it more times than I can count & it's my go-to movie when I'm feeling a bit blue & need cheering up.

There are so many things to love about this movie- for a start, Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman are GORGEOUS in it- Kidman's hair is probably the most perfect hair since Ariel  from the Little Mermaid; it's got Stockard Channing & Dianne Wiest being absolutely flipping amazing as two batty aunts who drink all the time, eat ice-cream for breakfast and walk around town with parasols; the house that the Owens ladies live in is probably my dream house; & lastly, I loooove the bohemian, 90s, witchy style of the two leads- maxi skirts, quartz jewellery, velvet, bare feet, macrame tops, dark lace & paisley prints- actual perfection.

Outfit one is more of a Gillian look- skinny jeans & a form-fitting velvet bodysuit with some chunky boot-style heels & round sunnies- definitely inappropriate to wear to your sister's PTA meeting, but perfect for a roadtrip with your mysterious & exotic lover of the week.

Two is Sally-inspired- if you're going to be a small-business owner, you can't be trekking round town meeting with botanical suppliers in platform heels- so flats are a must. The lace-on-lace coat & dress combo is sensible enough to not disturb the other mums on the school run, but still stylish enough to cast any just-passing-through-town hottie under your spell.

Number three is something that could be worn by either sister- motorcycle boots tough enough to do the gardening in, and a long swishy maxi skirt is ideal to float around your beautiful mansion.

Ensure to wear plenty of floppy straw hats to keep the aunts happy, magical jewellery (plenty of star shapes, obv), co-ordinate your cat with your outfits and make sure you never run out of tequila, (preferably bought in a supermarket & not the stuff left on your porch by a stranger), because you just never know when you might need a margarita.