Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tulips & Free Lensing

Yesterday I went into town to pay some rent at the bank and do some other boring errands- vom. So I popped ino M&S on the way home and picked up a bunch of tulips for the house so my trip into town wouldn't be totally boring. I always go in there for fresh flowers because the bunches that are marked down in price still have a decent lifespan once you get them home. I always feel grown up buying myself flowers for my home. I think it's something everyone should do more of- you shouldn't have to wait for other people to buy them for you!

When I got them home I trimmed them and removed a lot of the leaves before arranging them (not very artfully) in a vase. I also remembered reading on the a beautiful mess blog about a cool technique for taking pictures called 'free-lensing' where you basically take the lens off your camera & experiment with holding it closely to the camera whilst moving it about a bit- tipping it here & there. You end up with a photo where the focus is quite selective- some parts clear & others quite blurry.

I definitely think that with practice this could be a really awsome technique- I still don't know much about my camera and with time & patience (the latter of which I have very little ha) I could learn to get some really awesome photos- ideally the parts in focus should be much clearer than what I managed. Still- I'm really pleased with how this turned out & I can't wait to keep trying & see what I can come up with. Plus it gives me an excuse to keep buying myself fresh flowers- always a good thing!

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