Friday, 15 June 2012

Everyday Makeup Products

I tend to be pretty loyal to the products I use every day. After years of trying & testing, these are the core products I use day in day out, and the ones I repurchase the most.

I'm sure I've gone through thousands of bottles of foundation on my lifetime, and Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour is the only one that lasts all day for me, especially at work. When I put this on at 5.30 in the morning before going to work, I need to know I don't have to touch it again & it will still look pretty good at 3 in the afternoon when I finish. My absolute favourite foundation of all time is Estee Lauder Double Wear but at £26.50 a bottle it is completely out of my price range- by comparison the Rimmel is £6.99! I also need a powder for the top of my foundation just to set it in place & give it extra staying power. I like to use a loose powder as it gives a more flawless finish than a pressed powder- Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder is my powder of choice- it smells nice & the £2.99 pricetag doesn't hurt either.

My favourite blusher is Mac's Dollymix but it's £17.50! I can't believe I used to not even blink an eye at the price. I have since substituted it for Barry M's Rose (BL2) as it's only £4.59 & it has a really great colour payoff- meaning it lasts for an absolute age. The other battered little pot is the BEST highlighter I have ever used, Tophop Glow in Polished but I am devastated to report that it was limited edition & has now been discontinued. Sadface. I still have about half a pot left, and I am using it very sparingly- I will be bereft when it runs out!

I am always changing mascara- but this is my favourite I've used in ages, and the first one I will be repurchasing in a long time, which suprises me as I normally prefer a smaller brush. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara in Black is only £4.99- bargain! Something I never change is eyeliner, and up until I bought this very pot of Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in Black about 2 months ago, I was a diehard Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack fan & used it for about 4-5 years. I will never buy it again thanks to this liquid liner. It is AMAZING- really easy to use plus nice & black. It also lasts all day without any movement & comes off easily with a makeup wipe. It's really a magical product.

I have really oily lids, so a primer is a must-have for me. There really only is one acceptable eyeshadow primer obv & that's Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's £14.50 but does last FOREVER. I use a very light brown-neutralish shadow on my eyelids to help my eyeliner stay in place & a dark matte brown to fill in my eyebrows- Wedge & Embark by Mac are my two faves. I find cheaper shadows don't last as long as these, although I would like something a little more portable than my massive palette. Next time I will probably just by the singles than the refill pan.

And those are my staples! I try & keep it pretty basic because I don't like to spend too long on my makeup in the morning because I generally like to sleep as long as possible. I also don't like to spend too much money on the things I use the most either as it costs too much to constantly replace them- besides I think a lot of the makeup you can buy at the chemist can be just as good.


  1. I will give the Rimmel foundation a try. My Chanel one seems to have stopped working for me..
    Also I can never find that Rimmel eyeliner anywhere now but I wore it for years & years, it was great x

    1. Maybe try online? I can always find it in larger Boots stores- maybe the little ones don't carry as much of the line. The foundation is a godsend though- I ran out & had been using a regular Maybelline one, which is good, but definitely not as lasting- wore the Rimmel today and it lasted all through my shift in a seriously too hot store- still going strong even now! x