Sunday, 3 June 2012

Home Tour: Living Room

Next stop on our tour of my little home is the living room. I live in a furnished rental so I can't really do anything with the walls or furniture, so I try to add my own touch to things with trinkets, artwork & furnishings.

I love my world map but I want to get it framed when I move into my new flat- it looks a bit too student-y as a poster I think. I also won't be able to take most of my dvds with me- as well as being on the shelving unit & propping up the cherry light- there are more stacked under the coffee table- plus a box beside the tv, (which I didn't bother taking a picture of). I definitely don't need that many though! Photographing my home like this has made me realise how many things I have that I don't even really want, never mind need, so I am actually looking forward to shipping a lot of it off to the charity shop!


  1. Where's the DH Lynch? In good hands I hope! ^_^

    1. In my bedroom!