Monday, 4 June 2012

Outfit Post: Junebilee

So in case you hadn't heard, it's the Queen's diamond jubilee weekend. I will not be attending any jubilee parties or putting up Union Jack bunting, not because I dislike the Queen, (which I don't- who could dislike such a snappy dresser?), but because I live in Northern Ireland and things like that can be a little bit trickier to navigate. I don't really want to make any big policital statement to be honest, I just want to eat victoria sponge & drink pimms & have a bit of a celebration. I'm just a fan of festiveness in general really so I'm feeling a little bit left out- sadface. Also I really like the word jubilee.

So I decided to just have a jubilee themed outfit instead. Not as festive as a bunting-filled garden party but at least I can feel totes jubes too.

Although my nails aren't quite as jubilee appropriate- I still think HM Liz would approve. Although she might not be too impressed with my horrendously nicked & scarred hands- my job as a barista has ruined any chance I may ever have had as a hand model.

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