Thursday, 14 June 2012

Movie Style: Double Indemnity

I absolutely love film noir. I thrill over the hardened private detective drinking bourbon in his smoke filled office; the seductive femme fatale breaking hearts & taking names; dark alleyways; & fractured, sultry lighting.  One of my all time favourites, & my introduction to the genre, is the all-time classic, Double Indemnity. If you've not seen it I urge you to asap! I definitely think everyone should watch it at least once in their lifetime. Barbara Stanwyck is an absolute babe as the femme fatale, Phyllis Dietrichson, and her wardrobe is the prime example of what every femme dangereuse worth her salt should be wearing.

The femme fatale vibe is perfectly powdered, flawless skin; glamourous blouses; a sleek silhouette; poised posture; red lipstick; statement jewellery; cat-eye sunglasses; trench coats; & good quality bourbon.

Outfit one is a classic trench, black patent mary-janes, & dark cat-eye glasses. This is totes perfect attire for slinking about in the shadows to meet your detective lover & convince him to do your bidding. Since there won't be a lot of light, make sure to wear a sultry scent to ensure maximum male intoxication. It is also advisable to carry a solid gold lighter to light the cigarette at the end of your holder, plus the light from the flame is super flattering in the dark- bonus!

The second outfit is a bright pussy-bow blouse, classic black peplum pencil skirt & floral courts. This is to ensure you give off that 'respectable secretary' vibe in order to fool everyone into thinking you're morally incapable of illegal activity, yet the colour pop & statement print shoes make sure you remain unforgettable to the poor schmuck you decide to emotionally blackmail.

Our last outfit is a super classic cream knit sweater with simple black skinnies & quilted flats. Perfect for a more casual late-night encounter, or planning your next deadly move. It also makes you seem less high maintenance than you really are, yet teamed with a chunky statement necklace everyone will still know how chic & rich you obvs are.

Lastly, never ever be caught without your red lipstick; a perfect eyeliner flick; or with cheap booze.