Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Movie Style: The Virgin Suicides

So it's no secret that my favourite, number one movie of all time is The Virgin Suicides. Absolutely love everything about it. I love everything Sofia Coppola does (SO excited for The Bling Ring)- and this film had a huge influence on me as a teen. I think the whole 70s vibe of this movie is so alluring, and the wardrobe helps play a huge part in that.

The Virgin Suicides vibe is all about hippy skirts, delicate florals, flower power, fringing, moccasins, rosaries, stacked bracelets & 70s rock.

I chose a lace maxi skirt for the first outfit as it reminded me of Cecilia's vintage lace wedding dress. A simple t-shirt with a floral/woodland print gives it a modern take. A rosary-style wooden necklace & some beaded mocassins complete the look.

For the second outfit I went for a floral playsuit. It gives off a great 'flower child' vibe and is ideal for a hazy summer. Finish off with some chunky Chloé-esque block wedges with thick 70s-style straps & a simple daisy-chain headband.

Scent your summer with heady florals, like Chloé eau de parfum & listen to Dreamboat Annie on repeat.