Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Fever

It's finally here, and it's AMAZING. I am so glued to the London 2012 Olympics it's unreal and thanks to the BBC website I have 24hour Olympic coverage at my disposal baby! Although when you find yourself watching the weightlifting at twenty past one in the morning it may be time to calm down a bit... on second thoughts, nah.

If there's one thing I truly enjoy in life more than getting overly involved in nationwide celebrations it's, um, wait NOTHING. I love everything about it, and there's nothing better than bringing it into every aspect of your life, (totally healthy & not weird), which is why I am loving all the Olympic-themed fashion collections springing up everywhere.

Opening Ceremony are really leading in the Olympic-themed fashion stakes with lots of collaborations on London 2012 inspired pieces, and I suppose with a name like 'Opening Ceremony' they couldn't really do anything but embrace it. I love the cute red, white & blue flippy dress by House of Holland because it's sporty & functional but still really cool & stylish, and the gold medal inspired bag by Proenza Shouler is so amazing I think I would rather drape it over me than any medal.

These peaceBOMB bracelets make for a great Olympic-themed arm party & I love the bright colours. What makes them EVEN BETTER is that peaceBOMB work with artisans in Laos to create their bracelets from scrap metal and donates the funds to help clear unexploded bombs that were dropped during the Vietnam War. Pretty sweet. To learn more visit the peaceBOMB website.

I think these Repetto ballet flats are my favourite. I LIVE in my flats & I would love some Olympic-themed shoes to put a little spring in my step! I also think these gold, silver & bronze collars by Uncle Karl are pretty brilliant because it would be a super easy way to add a subtle bit of Olympic flair to any outfit.

And lastly, although not Olympic inspired, these McQueen clutches are definitely a British classic, and one can't get much more patriotic than a Union Jack McQueen clutch really.

So if you don't mind I must go- I have volleyball to watch, liveblogs to refresh & hashtags to tweet.

#teamgb #ilovetheolympics #someonepleasehelpme

Friday, 20 July 2012

Outfit Post: Self/Jeans Acceptance

So here's a little thing you may not know about me- besides an extremely brief dalliance in second year of uni with a pair of grey skinnies that were about 2 sizes too big for me- I haven't worn a pair of jeans since 2007. In fact, I don't even own any. I wear skirts & dresses every single day & for every single occasion. Most people I talk to find that strange, and I suppose it is a bit.

Here's the thing though- I want to wear jeans. Until recently I always thought that they didn't suit me, because, if I'm honest, I thought I was too fat for trousers. Reading that back it is clearly extremely crazy, but that was always how I felt. Now that I am a bit older & hopefully a bit wiser (& saner), I am much less hard on myself and much more confident in general, & so today, as I was holding a really beautiful gold top from the Mango sale that I really wanted to buy but didn't have any jeans to go with, I realised it was about bloody time I bought myself a god damn pair of jeans. So I did. In fact, I bought two pairs.

I bought these blue jeans for £18 from Dunnes (which is, as far as I'm aware, an Ireland-only chain of shops, soz). Not exactly a massive purchase, I know, but I didn't want to spend a fortune in case I decide in a week's time that skinny jeans are not for me, but I'm happy with them for now, and it's nice to have something that I can team with flats & tees for everyday wear. Plus a big draw for jeans is that I don't have to worry about my skirt blowing up, which in windy & rainy Northern Ireland is a very real fear.

I also overcame another hang-up today, as my second pair of jeans, (black, regular cut, straight leg, I didn't get pictures of those on as the light was fading in my flat- I will soon though), were from Evans. I have always baulked at shopping in Evans because for some reason I was ashamed to own clothes from a shop that was for plus-sized women. I KNOW, CRAZY. I think as I start to get older (I'm 26 in like, 2 months... so weird) I'm more accepting of my body just the way it is. It's horrible & quite frankly, ridiculous, to go through your teens and early 20s so horrified by your own body that I wish I could go back in time & give myself a good slap. Or maybe a hug. Probably both. Such is our society though- it's only through educating myself more about feminism & becoming more aware of media pressure as I've gotten older that I've learned to try not to give as much of a rat's ass what magazines say or what society thinks of women who are fat & just be myself. I've still got work to do, obv, & I can't imagine myself ever wearing a bikini for example, but I'm definitely feeling more self assured as I approach my late twenties & that's enough for me.

Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY: Paper Pom Poms for the New Flat

I FINALLY MOVED. Ugh packing took forever, and there are still a few boxes that need sorted, but I am mostly settled into my new flat. Even though it's a third of the size of my old home I really love it- it's in a perfect location & the bus service that runs right past my work & straight into the city centre stops right outside my front door- ideal!I'm still in the process of organising & decorating the space (have made quite a few trips to the charity shop to drop off boxes) plus I have been working a lot as I'm having to pull extra shifts & look after the place for my boss whilst she's on her holidays.

One thing I did want to do for my living room was make some paper pom poms to hang in a corner as 1) I'm obsessed with them & 2) they're fun, cheap & easy to make & are an easy way to add a bit of colour to a room. They are so easy to make I could fill my flat with them if I didn't restrain myself, so I thought I'd do a quick DIY post so you can try it for yourself.

You will need:

  • Sheets of tissue paper, at least 10 or so.
  • Floral wire- I've used the paper covered kind, but you can get all kinds, and thicknesses too, just make sure it's easy to twist into place.
  • Scissors (preferably large & heavy as the paper can be hard to cut once folded)

Layer your sheets of tissue paper on top of one another (large sheets make large pom poms & small ones make small poms) Iwouldn't recommend making them too big. Also more sheets/layers make fluffier poms but are more fiddly to do. Fold them all together in a concertina fold, like you were making a paper fan.

Twist the floral wire round the centre of the folded paper to keep it together. Round the ends with your scissors. You don't have to be neat.

Open out the folds by pulling the edges towards one another to make a flower.

Tease the layers apart to make your pom pom fluffy- this is the fiddly bit (although not too bad). Try not to tear it, but don't panic of you make a couple of rips here & there, you will never notice them once it's done.

That's it! Your pom pom is now ready for display. You can hang them, like I have done with mine, by twisting the floral wire into a loop & tying ribbon, string or clear nylon thread through it. You can also twist the wire round things to attach it to a fixed place (I have attached a couple of big pink ones to the sunlight in my bedroom this way), or just set it on a shelf.

And if you get bored or redecorate you can always make new ones in different colours! You can experiment with size, (really little ones are super cute) number of layers of paper, or you could use a different coloured layer each time to make rainbow pom poms!

Now all I have to do is try to figure out how I can combine my love of twinkly lights & paper poms- my little flat would be perfect!