Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Fever

It's finally here, and it's AMAZING. I am so glued to the London 2012 Olympics it's unreal and thanks to the BBC website I have 24hour Olympic coverage at my disposal baby! Although when you find yourself watching the weightlifting at twenty past one in the morning it may be time to calm down a bit... on second thoughts, nah.

If there's one thing I truly enjoy in life more than getting overly involved in nationwide celebrations it's, um, wait NOTHING. I love everything about it, and there's nothing better than bringing it into every aspect of your life, (totally healthy & not weird), which is why I am loving all the Olympic-themed fashion collections springing up everywhere.

Opening Ceremony are really leading in the Olympic-themed fashion stakes with lots of collaborations on London 2012 inspired pieces, and I suppose with a name like 'Opening Ceremony' they couldn't really do anything but embrace it. I love the cute red, white & blue flippy dress by House of Holland because it's sporty & functional but still really cool & stylish, and the gold medal inspired bag by Proenza Shouler is so amazing I think I would rather drape it over me than any medal.

These peaceBOMB bracelets make for a great Olympic-themed arm party & I love the bright colours. What makes them EVEN BETTER is that peaceBOMB work with artisans in Laos to create their bracelets from scrap metal and donates the funds to help clear unexploded bombs that were dropped during the Vietnam War. Pretty sweet. To learn more visit the peaceBOMB website.

I think these Repetto ballet flats are my favourite. I LIVE in my flats & I would love some Olympic-themed shoes to put a little spring in my step! I also think these gold, silver & bronze collars by Uncle Karl are pretty brilliant because it would be a super easy way to add a subtle bit of Olympic flair to any outfit.

And lastly, although not Olympic inspired, these McQueen clutches are definitely a British classic, and one can't get much more patriotic than a Union Jack McQueen clutch really.

So if you don't mind I must go- I have volleyball to watch, liveblogs to refresh & hashtags to tweet.

#teamgb #ilovetheolympics #someonepleasehelpme


  1. Oh my gosh, all of this is SO cute! I'm not really a sports person, but I'm definitely a style person... so, bring on the bling :)

    1. I'm not relly a sports person either but there's something about the Olympics that gets me hooked! Definitely nothing to do with all the topless men... x

  2. This is a great post, I love the HoH dress so much

    1. Yeah me too- it was what initially inspired me to write this post actually, after I saw it on the OC fb page x