Tuesday, 28 August 2012

6 Favourite Beauty Products

I am always changing my mind about what my favourite products are. I use quite a lot of different things
daily, & my regime changes monthly, if not weekly. Right now though, these are the 6 products I'm really digging.

1. Toni & Guy Beach Curl Spray After just saying that I change products monthly, my first pick is actually something I have been using for years, ha. I love this spray so, so much- I have really long, really thick, really straight hair which makes me very lucky I know, but it is also a massive pain to try to do anything with it, especially curling it. I tend to prefer to wear my hair wavy and this spray is the only thing that keeps my curls in place, & actually encourages my hair into more defined curls- think sea salt curls. I curl the ends of my hair with my straighteners & then spray this in for beach curls that last for days. It also smells DIVINE, (well to me anyway), which is a massive plus 'cause who doesn't want to have amazing smelling hair?

2. Soap & Glory A Great Kisser in Coconut I'm really not a lipgloss person, I much prefer my lipsticks. I think it's the long hair, it gets caught in the gloss & is really annoying, plus then the lipgloss just ends up all over your face. This little pot though is like a cross between a balm & a gloss, & I find myself wearing it into work a lot. It has a slight shimmer in it but not a terribly noticable amount- what the shimmer does do is make your lips look even glossier! Plus I am a total sucker for anything with coconut in it.

3. MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator This is another product I have actually been using for years ha. I got a tube for Christmas the last time it was released & used it so sparingly because I was so afraid of it running out & being left without it as it had been discontinued, that I actually only ran out a month or so before it was released again! I have never been so delighted to see a product return & I hope that MAC eventually make this part of their permanent skincare line. It is AMAZING.

4.  Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Creamy Oil I like to keep a bottle of this on my nightstand because I suffer from really dry hands. I have to use hydrocortisone on them, but you can only use that once a day, so I keep this close by for when they get all cracked. It's an all over moisturiser too so it's handy to have, plus I really like the pump bottle. It has a nice consistency & is not sticky or heavy, rather it melts into your skin, leaving it soft & smelling beautiful!

5. Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Facemask I am addicted to self-heating face masks- it's like having a spa in your bathroom. This has a really lovely, powdery-soft texture when applying & it smells like sea air, which I LOVE. It's also lightly exfoliating too, & leaves your skin really smooth & soft. I use this about once a week & my face always feels super clean afterwards.

6. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray I've had this for a while but recently rediscovered it at the bottom of a vanity case & have been happily spritzing away every day. It does what it says it will really- makes your makeup last AGES, and that is a super top priority for me when it comes to makeup. It also helps set it in place better, so it stays on your face & you get less tranfser onto your hands & clothing. Plus it feels really nice & cooling when you spray it! It makes me want to try those hydrating mists you can get.

What about you? What products do you find yourself not being able to live without right now? Let me know!

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