Thursday, 16 August 2012

Five Etsy Picks: Ocean Love

I may be a city girl now & forever more, but a part of me will always feel most at home beside the sea. I am from a tiny coastal town in Ireland (seriously, one main street but two beaches, that's a large ocean : town ratio) & have spent a great deal of my life living a hop, skip & a jump away from the sea front. Marine mania is truly ingrained in my family (my sister is a marine scientist & my dad a keen fisherman) and I have always felt an affinity with the sea & marine life. So much so that I love little splashes of oceanic inspiration within my home & wardrobe, and where better to find unique sea inspired pieces than on Etsy?

1. 5 Whales Stacked. Whales are some of my favourite animals ever- they are so large & impressive, yet graceful & gentle, not to mention their whale songs are one of nature's most achingly beautiful sounds. I love, love, love this print.
2. Whale bowl. I love the colours in this bowl, and the way the little whales look like they are swimming about inside! This Etsy seller has cleverly taken scientific illustrations & made them into something beautiful- check out the rest of her shop too- her stuff is gorgeous, I want everything!
3. Colourful Fish Tote. I love cotton totes- they are great for carrying in your handbag for when you pop in for a few groceries & don't want a plastic bag! I always try to carry one with me & this colourful fish one would definitely make grocery shopping a little less of a chore.
4. Aqua Coral Glass Bowl. This is so pretty & would look great on a coffee table with some seashells inside. I love the colour & the way the artist has taken nature's design & made it into something both practical & beautiful.
5. Mahi Mahi pillow. I love this illustration of a mahi mahi, they are such funny fish, beautifully coloured, & little mouth, they always look worried to me & the artist capured this perfectly. I think this would look great with a bunch of geometric pattern pillows on a boldly coloured sofa.

The ocean is so awe-inspiring & beautiful, no wonder so many artists take their inspiration from it.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.
– e.e. Cummings


  1. These are so cool! I especially love the look of that whales print. Great finds!


    1. I'm actually considering buying the whales print that's how much I love it lol x

  2. These picks are so pretty. That bowl is tripping me out haha! I wish I lived closer to the beach. Even here in LA, I'm at least a half hour away.

    1. Wow I kind of imagine everywhere in LA to be beside the beach. Even here in Belfast I'm closer to the sea than that lol- although we are a v tiny island.