Friday, 7 September 2012

Movie Style: Wes Anderson Films

Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors- his movies are probably the kind I would most love to live in, & I love the world he has created within them (although I don't know if they are all set in the same reality, or in our own, but they all seem to share a similar vibe, don't you think?)

One of the things I love most about his aesthetic vision is his use of colour- lots of brights & primary colours, they always remind me of the kind of colour palette you might see in a kid's drawing.

His characters all seem to share a similar sense of style too- quirky preppy, with lots of sportswear, collared shirts, stripes & block colours.

If you want to get a Wes Anderson kinda vibe into your wardrobe, then start with colour- bold, bright primaries are the way forward, with a nautical stripe thrown in here & there. The silhouette is retro, a kind of modern 60s vibe with a-line mini skirts & long sleeves, & if in doubt, always choose a collared neckline (you can make your own from this DIY at Honestly WTF). Hemlines are short so cover up with fishnets or over-knee socks! Shoes are sensible oxfords as Wes Anderson characters love a good adventure so you can't really be tottering about in heels, plus you'll need a bag you can sling across your body so it doesn't get in the way, and don't forget a plain red barrette to pin back your hair. Lastly, in case you get cold, you'll need a big fur coat &, most essential, some sort of red hat (knitted cap or beret style, it's up to you). With your Anderson inspired wardrobe you'll be all set to start your own adventure, whether that be hunting a mysterious sea creature, going on a train-journey pilgrimage, taking down an evil corporation or, of course, saving Latin.


  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who adores the worlds Wes Anderson creates!

  2. I love Wes Anderson too. Last year for World Book Day I went to school as a Wes Anderson style Mrs Fox :) Love the styling and colours- gives such a cool feel to his movies. PS: Would love all of the above clothes x

  3. Your picks are adorable. Love the yellow dress!

  4. I love movie inspired looks! absolutely loving the yellow dress <3