Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nail Art: Cats & Polka Dots

I'd seen a few cat nail designs similar to this pop up on Pinterest recently, & they looked simple enough that I could maybe attempt it myself. When I pulled out my polishes to get started though, I couldn't find any black nail art pens or even a nail art brush (quite typical for me, I can never find anything) so I just decided to be as careful as possible with the brush from the bottle. The colours I used were GOSH Miss Sweety, MAC Nocturnelle & Barry M Mint Green. My topcoat is Seche Vite, it's THE BEST for nail art, as even though there are a lot of quick-drying topcoats on the market, Seche Vite doesn't drag your wet polishes through one another, which a lot of others do.

I also don't own a dotting tool, I normally just do my polka dots with a pen, but as I couldn't find it I decided to make like Macgyver & create my own from a pin & an old wine cork. Proof that you can easily do your own nail art on a budget without any fancy tools or equipment! I love my kitty nails, I will definitely be doing them again, & also will be polka dotting my nails a lot more often now that I know it's this easy!