Friday, 28 September 2012

Pinterest Picks Part II: Food & Interiors

One of the best things about the food pins on Pinterest it how many healthy takes on snack & junk food there are! These apple chips (1) are so so yummy & really easy to make- I have made them heaps of times & they make a good movie snack. I love all the really imaginative ideas to make something simple seem so much more special, which is why I think these vanilla ice cubes (2) are UNREAL- great in iced coffee or a great way to fancy up a rum & coke! I am also a sucker for a good cocktail recipe, paired with some lovely styling, plus I am of the opinion that gin is the absolute best thing mankind has ever done, so this beautiful looking GC&T (3) is right up my street. And lastly, I think you'll agree that cake is amazing, especially when it looks as pretty as this- without even knowing what flavour this orange & poppy seed (4) delight was I was obsessed with the beautiful rose-inspired frosting. To add to my obsession, citrus-flavoured sponges are my absolute fave, so I am determined to hone my piping skills enough to make this beautiful cake.

As I live in a TINY, one-bed flat I rely on Pinterest to help me get my fix of beautiful homes. I am absolutely hooked on looking at picture after picture of beautiful spaces, and this gorgeously bright living area focal point (1) is absolutely right up my street. Some day I dream of owning a light & airy space like this with beautiful hardwood floors, a brick fireplace & a good dose of bright colour pops. As I mentioned in my previous Pinterest post, I am the kind of person who obsesses over attention to detail when it comes to my interior decor, so I love this simple but really effective way of displaying fresh flowers- add a good handful of sparkling sequins to the water (2) to really make a feature of your florals- just beautiful. This third pick highlights my love of a good cheap DIY too, take some cheap junk objects & spray paint a bold, bright colour (3) to add interest & fun to your shelves & bookcases. I think this is so clever, and a great way to bring originality into your home on a shoestring budget. And finally... the BEST thing about Pinterest, ogling absolute fantasy homes that I can only aspire to in my wildest dreams! This window-side reading nook (4) is pretty much my all-time biggest goal in life- I NEED somewhere beautiful & bright to curl up in & read all my favourite books someday!

I hope you've enjoyed my little tour of my favourite pins, & hopefully some of them have inspired you as much as they have ALL inspired me. I love that I only need to spend 5 minutes on Pinterest before I find something absolutely amazing that I feel I NEED to try- and I love that there are so many affordable & easy things to do that can help me inject a little bit of creativity into my everyday life.

Please share some of your favourite things you have found on Pinterest! And let me know who you are on Pinterest too so I can follow your boards & check out the things your have been pinning! If you are interested, you can follow me here!

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  1. I love the bookshelf idea. I literally can get lost on pinterest for hours. The recipes.. the food pictures... EVERYTHING.