Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Five Etsy Picks: Autumn Cosiness

I'm determined to get in as much Autumnal goodness as possible before the end of November because once December hits I will be in full blown Christmas fever. Etsy, as ever, is a brilliant source of original, one-off pieces (and some rubbish too, as you will obv know if you ever read Regretsy- hilarious). Here are five of my favourite Autumn-themed pieces!

1. 'Autumn Mosaic' Hand Knit Wool Socks. How cosy do these look omg? I want some snuggly woollen socks like these for cosying up on the sofa, plus I like the way they match/unmatch.
2. Autumn Moon Clock. I am totally obsessed with this little clock. I love anything to do with space & I think the moon is so beautiful. This is such a good idea & so well executed too.
3. 'The Manhattan Cowl' in Mustard. I love mustard coloured things- they are such a good way of adding a bright colour to your outfit during colder months & this chunky hand knit cowl looks so cosy & warm. Major love.
4.Paint by Number mini artblock. I love the retro look of this paint-by-number style print and I love its graphic simplicity. It makes me want to have a go at making some paint by number artwork for myself!
5. Beeswax Candles. These little figurine candles are so so cute- I love all the different designs the seller has in their shop, including the Mason jar pictured here, but also the little bird & pumpkin too! My favourite has to be the large owl candle though (which I have linked to), especially because in the item description it says the eyes glow when the candle is lit! I love that.

Writing this post has made me feel all cosy! I'm going to snuggle up on the sofa now & have a vanilla spiced tea & listen to this.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Outfit Post: Autumn Love

It's bloody cold today here in Belfast. The chilly weather, coupled with the fact that the CHRISTMAS MARKET is here again (my favourite thing ever ever ever) is making me feel all cosy & I'm really enjoying these crisper, colder Autumn days. As I mentioned in my previous post I like to be festive at all costs, and that includes having what I like to think of as Seasonal Behaviour Disorder. In that I can only do something if it is befitting of the season, like, I cannot paint my nails bright pink in Winter or eat soup in the Summer as these are not seasonally appropriate to me. So this outfit is a reflection of that- a maroon dress, fur stole & black opaques are perfect attire for this time of year.

This seasonal rule also extends to my face- so I have gone for grey contoured eyeshadow & my perfect shade of nude lipstick- MAC's Honey Love. Something that is appropriate year-round though is a head full of shiny, bouncy curls- my favourite way to wear my hair, but until recently, quite difficult for me to achieve. I have thick, unruly hair that doesn't like doing what it's told & generally just lies there flat and boring despite repeated attempts to curl it. I'm also really impatient & hate taking ages to do my hair so when I use curling irons I get bored halfway through & wish I hadn't started. I did have really good  large barrelled tongs that curled perfectly in record time but they broke & I am too poor to buy new ones :(

I finally discovered how to use straightening irons to curl my hair a few months ago though! I had been doing it all wrong for years- and realised this when I decided on a whim one day to try & flick the ends of my hair out with my irons & ended up with a perfect ringlet instead. It takes no time at all to 'flick out' the ends of my hair & end up with lovely, bouncy curls. Sometimes when I am done my hair still looks a bit flat, so I just pick random section and flick from further up the strand, beginning near my chin & this adds bigger curls throughout to give it more texture & volume. It's also a really good way to liven up a ponytail when I wear my hair up for work. I put the ponytail in first, high on my head & then flick out the ends of the tail, section by section. It's even faster this way- takes about 10 minutes tops!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the colder weather too, and getting excited about Christmas aka The Best Time Of Year Ever, eek- I CANNOT wait!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Television Style: Jess Day

I EL OH VEE EE, love love love New Girl! I think, apart from Friends of course, it is one of the only tv shows to make me genuinely howl with laughter. I feel a bit sad when people make fun of Jess & say they find her annoying or too kooky because I relate to her SO MUCH. I fall over, bruise my limbs & spill things on myself all the time (not cute or funny, especially if it's a full jug of just steamed latte milk at work) which is incredibly frustrating. I like being festive for ALL occasions, I'm not just talking like, birthdays, Christmas & Halloween. I mean Easter, Valentine's, St Patrick's... any holiday I can pretty much get excited about & wear themed manicures & colour match my clothes to I am all over it. 50% of my wardrobe has some sort of polka dot or stripe. I am generally rubbish at life but eternally cheerful. And many other reasons why Jess Day is my television bff.

I love how much colour she wears- I definitely have a brightly-hued wardrobe too. Plus, I love the vintage-inspired, classic cuts of all her clothes; a-line skirts, fitted sweaters, high waists, high collared blouses. It's cute & retro but still practical enough for modern life.

1. Polka dot b&w jumper £65 @
2. Skinny jeans £15 @ BANK Fashion
3. Striped grey & black sweater £19.50 @ Dorothy Perkins
4. High-waisted shorts £30 @ River Island
5. Pink cat sweater £19.81 @ She Inside
6. Floral print navy skirt £27.99 @ Mango
7. Maroon & white polka flippy dress £38 @Topshop
8. Dot bag £190 @ Kate Spade (but Primark have a similar one!)
9. Red flats £20 @
10. Brown suede flats £20 @ ASOS
11. Classic contrast flats £90 @ French Sole
12. Peach & lemon stripe flats £18.90 @ Modcloth
13. Camera necklace £8.20 @ Modcloth
14. iPhone cover £18.90 @ Urban Outfitters
15. Tortoisehell frames £102 @ 

To dress like Miss Day, I would strongly advise you embrace geometric prints if you haven't already- Jess wears lots of stripes & polka dots. She also has a very colourful wardrobe, so I've picked a few things that are colourful but still mindful of the fact that it's coming into winter & brights aren't typical of that season (although I still personally wear them year through). Also a bright pop of colour on your feet is a good idea to get into wearing more colourful clothing if you're a bit nervous about going all out. Jess wears a lot of ballet flats (probably a good idea for those of us with as much grace & mobility as a baby giraffe taking its first steps), & I find you can get them in abundance, & cheaply enough that you can afford to own a good sized-collection to help you mix it up a bit. One thing I have noticed is Jess is not really a girl for major accessorising (something we actually do NOT have in common- I love to jingle as I walk) she tends to let her bright colours & bold prints speak for themselves, so accessories are kept to a minimum- a simple but fun necklace and a cross-body bag. Don't forget your ridiculous but cute phone cover (mine's a penguin), some pretty pink blush, LOTS of mascara and you're good to go! Just try not to trip over anything.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cross Stitch Owl

Like most other bloggers I know, I am seriously addicted to crafting & DIY. I browse Pinterest endlessly for inspiration for new projects & I love nothing more than spending an afternoon gluing myself to various bits of fabric or making tiny useless pillows filled with lavender on my sewing machine. I'm not always good at crafting though. Whilst I am competent enough with both my gluegun & sewing machine I am downright RUBBISH at both knitting & crochet. Which makes me sad because I really want to be good at crochet, but alas I lack both the dexterity & patience for both. What I did decide upon though was cross stitch! I have never cross stitched before in my life but it looked fairly simple, so after a quick Google of the phrase 'how to cross stitch basics beginners easy' & a trip to Craftworld in the city centre for the equipment, I was on my way to becoming a world class stitcher. Ta-da!

I found the owl pattern here at Radical Cross Stitch and got the lettering from this blog post at Hard Core Stitch Corps & from an 'extensive' Google Image search ('cross stitch letters', first page of results). I just sort of, winged it with the colours ('winged' it lol). This is why I am now madly in love with cross stitch- because it suits my approach to life, wherein I just sort of haphazardly have a go at it & hope for the best but get bored 5 minutes into whatever I'm doing if I don't see results fast enough. If you too have the attention span of a child at Christmas then try cross stitch! It really was a lot of fun & didn't take long at all- I think I finished this in about a week! I've already bought more hoops & fabric to start making more, and I really wanna try making a cushion from a larger, tapestry style stitching!