Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cross Stitch Owl

Like most other bloggers I know, I am seriously addicted to crafting & DIY. I browse Pinterest endlessly for inspiration for new projects & I love nothing more than spending an afternoon gluing myself to various bits of fabric or making tiny useless pillows filled with lavender on my sewing machine. I'm not always good at crafting though. Whilst I am competent enough with both my gluegun & sewing machine I am downright RUBBISH at both knitting & crochet. Which makes me sad because I really want to be good at crochet, but alas I lack both the dexterity & patience for both. What I did decide upon though was cross stitch! I have never cross stitched before in my life but it looked fairly simple, so after a quick Google of the phrase 'how to cross stitch basics beginners easy' & a trip to Craftworld in the city centre for the equipment, I was on my way to becoming a world class stitcher. Ta-da!

I found the owl pattern here at Radical Cross Stitch and got the lettering from this blog post at Hard Core Stitch Corps & from an 'extensive' Google Image search ('cross stitch letters', first page of results). I just sort of, winged it with the colours ('winged' it lol). This is why I am now madly in love with cross stitch- because it suits my approach to life, wherein I just sort of haphazardly have a go at it & hope for the best but get bored 5 minutes into whatever I'm doing if I don't see results fast enough. If you too have the attention span of a child at Christmas then try cross stitch! It really was a lot of fun & didn't take long at all- I think I finished this in about a week! I've already bought more hoops & fabric to start making more, and I really wanna try making a cushion from a larger, tapestry style stitching!