Sunday, 18 November 2012

Television Style: Jess Day

I EL OH VEE EE, love love love New Girl! I think, apart from Friends of course, it is one of the only tv shows to make me genuinely howl with laughter. I feel a bit sad when people make fun of Jess & say they find her annoying or too kooky because I relate to her SO MUCH. I fall over, bruise my limbs & spill things on myself all the time (not cute or funny, especially if it's a full jug of just steamed latte milk at work) which is incredibly frustrating. I like being festive for ALL occasions, I'm not just talking like, birthdays, Christmas & Halloween. I mean Easter, Valentine's, St Patrick's... any holiday I can pretty much get excited about & wear themed manicures & colour match my clothes to I am all over it. 50% of my wardrobe has some sort of polka dot or stripe. I am generally rubbish at life but eternally cheerful. And many other reasons why Jess Day is my television bff.

I love how much colour she wears- I definitely have a brightly-hued wardrobe too. Plus, I love the vintage-inspired, classic cuts of all her clothes; a-line skirts, fitted sweaters, high waists, high collared blouses. It's cute & retro but still practical enough for modern life.

1. Polka dot b&w jumper £65 @
2. Skinny jeans £15 @ BANK Fashion
3. Striped grey & black sweater £19.50 @ Dorothy Perkins
4. High-waisted shorts £30 @ River Island
5. Pink cat sweater £19.81 @ She Inside
6. Floral print navy skirt £27.99 @ Mango
7. Maroon & white polka flippy dress £38 @Topshop
8. Dot bag £190 @ Kate Spade (but Primark have a similar one!)
9. Red flats £20 @
10. Brown suede flats £20 @ ASOS
11. Classic contrast flats £90 @ French Sole
12. Peach & lemon stripe flats £18.90 @ Modcloth
13. Camera necklace £8.20 @ Modcloth
14. iPhone cover £18.90 @ Urban Outfitters
15. Tortoisehell frames £102 @ 

To dress like Miss Day, I would strongly advise you embrace geometric prints if you haven't already- Jess wears lots of stripes & polka dots. She also has a very colourful wardrobe, so I've picked a few things that are colourful but still mindful of the fact that it's coming into winter & brights aren't typical of that season (although I still personally wear them year through). Also a bright pop of colour on your feet is a good idea to get into wearing more colourful clothing if you're a bit nervous about going all out. Jess wears a lot of ballet flats (probably a good idea for those of us with as much grace & mobility as a baby giraffe taking its first steps), & I find you can get them in abundance, & cheaply enough that you can afford to own a good sized-collection to help you mix it up a bit. One thing I have noticed is Jess is not really a girl for major accessorising (something we actually do NOT have in common- I love to jingle as I walk) she tends to let her bright colours & bold prints speak for themselves, so accessories are kept to a minimum- a simple but fun necklace and a cross-body bag. Don't forget your ridiculous but cute phone cover (mine's a penguin), some pretty pink blush, LOTS of mascara and you're good to go! Just try not to trip over anything.