Monday, 21 January 2013

A-Z of favourites: A is for Animals

I'm going to be writing a new feature on the blog- my A-Z of favourite things! Every now & then I will write a little about my three favourite things of a chosen subject, and work my way through the alphabet. Hopefully that way it will help me maintain some kind of regularity on the blog. This week it is one of my FAVOURITE EVER subjects- my three favourite animals!

Firstly, I would like to preface this by saying that of course my favourite animals in the whole wide world are the two munchkins below. On the left is Oliver, a grumpy, disdainful, 5 year old ginger tom who basically hates everything & everyone, unless of course he wants something and then he is your new bff. We think he may love my mum, who he occasionally would allow the privilige of holding him on her lap for maybe half an hour. He is hilarious though & a total cutie, and it's really fun to pick him up and give him snuggles when he clearly doesn't really give two hoots. The man on the right is Nevis, my dad's 1 and a half year old beagle pup- the MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. He is a right nuisance and will try to eat anything & everything. Things he has consumed or attempted to consume are, the cat's food, wine corks, many shoes, socks, bras, plastic bottles and pebbles. That is by no means an exhaustive list. He is smelly & requires human attention at all times but he is the biggest goofy loveball of fur ever and is generally so well behaved & friendly. I don't get to my parents' house to see them much, but when I do Nevis always gets amazingly excited and makes cute little high pitched noises and Oliver will occasionally look up to acknowledge my presence & I love them both for it.

And so, onto my list- My 3 favourite types of animal are:

3. Sphynx/Hairless cats. Hairless cats are quite a recent obsession. I saw a picture of a cat in the bath and then I fell in love. It's that simple really. Imagine bathing your cat- HOW CUTE IS THAT IMAGE? Okay now watch this video and then you will see that the reality of a cat in the bath is even cuter than your wildest dreams. Also, they can get cold easily because they have no fur so you can dress them in cat clothes- life literally would not get any better than that. I love their grumpy faces, patchy skin & wrinkles everywhere, not to mention those big ears are cute-ugly swoon worthy. AMAZING.

2. French Bulldogs. Another animal with an unbalanced ear : head ratio. I love animals with squished up faces, it makes them look slightly confused all the time, and I enjoy an animal with a good balance of ugly to cute. They are small & friendly with a sweet temperament. Sadly I have never lived anywhere that allowed pets but if I ever got a flat that did allow animals, I think I would try to adopt a little Frenchie. Look how snuggly they are! Sometimes if I'm feeling blue I just do a google image search for French bulldogs & that basically rights the entire world again.

1. Owls. I couldn't pick a favourite type of owl because I really love them all- snowy owls, barn owls, eagle owls, banded owls, horned owls, that one owl off Frozen Planet with the fat furry legs. Owls are great. I think it started with Harry Potter when I was about 13- at that age I could not imagine anything cooler than having a smart, sassy owl like Hedwig as a pet, and it has spiralled from there. Owls seem to have grown in popularity in the past few years, which has made it easy for me to feed my owl habit. Yes, I confess I am one of those unoriginal saddos who buys everything with owls on it. Owl pyjamas, owl jewellery (yes, I have one of those ubiquitous owl necklaces, in fact I have about 3 or 4 I think), owl bags, owl clothing, owl artwork... I even cross-stitched an owl. That is basically about as cliched as you can get. I don't care though because I love owls.

Owls look all wise and majestic, they have BEAUTIFUL feathers and expressive faces. They look incredible in flight and are sharp & ruthless predators. I also enjoy that as babies they look RIDICULOUS, their eyes are too big for their heads and their feathers are scruffy & stick out all over the place, and just when you think the babies are the cutest little things you have ever seen, one of them eats a whole rat. Owls keep you guessing, and I like that about them.

So there you have it- my first A-Z favourites feature on my top 3 types of animal. Animals are great though- don' be surprised if I manage to make the next one in this series all about animals too.


  1. Nice idea for a series Sam! I am so in love with French Bulldogs. Peggy has a F-B friend called Rocky who is the coolest dog I've ever met. Even cooler because he has 2 gay dads!

    PS: your Dad's beagle is totally gorgeous, but then I would say that, I'm kinda biased on the beagle front. They are total nightmares though...

  2. So cute! I love owls too -- especially the pygmy ones. It's amazing how much space they need to hunt.

  3. I love this post!!

  4. Hello! Found your lovely blog through the wonderful Amy above. Happy to be following along! Look forward to reading some more! Those gorgeous doggies are the best, though I must confess I'm a little scared of owls - its the beaks! Have a great day,
    Kate @ Just Pirouette and Carry On...