Saturday, 2 February 2013

3 Simple Things

Heart-shaped carrots for chicken soup from Sophistimom. Such a cute idea for Valentine's day, or even just to cheer up someone you love who is feeling a little poorly.

This polka dot house from an old Life magazine. Definitely want to do this someday!

Using vintage luggage as a beside table is such a cute & clever idea. Would be a lovely way to add fresh colour & interest to a simple & clean bedroom!

And that's it! My 3 simple little things that I loved this week. Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!


  1. Those heart shaped carrots are so cute! If I had someone to cook for I would be so getting them for V Day!

    I love the spotty house & I have ALWAYS wanted to do the suitcase idea, I've just never found any I liked (or could afford :()

    Amy x

  2. I hate carrots but oh so cute xx

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  3. Spotty house!! Amazing. You could never be in a bad mood in a spotty house! I managed to create my own vintage suitcase stac with some charity shop bargains I found this summer. Not as colourful as these but I love!xx

  4. What is the link for that recipe? It looks so good! And that polka dot house? Cute!

    1. The links are in the post just below the pics. The recipe is here and I found the spotty house here :)

  5. aww i love the heart shape carrots, that's enough to cheer anyone up! cute blog :)

  6. such a cute post! what a nice idea with the carrots :)

    new follower! xxx

  7. That polka dot house is so cute! I would love that on my house (well, flat actually)