Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Summer Stylin'

Ahhhh Summer. Can someone remind me what that is again? I'm finding it hard to remember due to the neverending Game Of Thrones style winter we've had. It's the end of April & it's still pretty cold out. Horrendous. Spring, however, is creeeeeping its way through & we've had our first few sunny days here in Belfast. It has been super welcome because I was starting to feel a bit like I would never feel the warmth of the sun on my face again, much like I assume a wooly mammoth felt during the ice age.

Now that we've had our first peek of sunshine though I have become a bit obsessive about the idea of summer & have been researching holidays that I cannot afford, cocktail recipes for parties I will never have because my flat is too small & I don't even have a garden, and clothing I will never buy because I am broke. But it's still fun to do!

1. So you fancy a play about in the park, because, like me, sunshine makes you feel like you're about 3 years old again. Or maybe, again like me, you are nostalgic for those summer days as a kid when the school holidays seemed to last FOREVER and were amazing. In that case I say go for some dungarees and a rucksack & play rounders with your friends. Mismatched, busy prints are fun and playful so cram as many in as you dare.

2. Sometimes you just want to swan about in a really long skirt, in some dark sunnies, with a large bag hung nonchalanty in the crook of your arm like you're Nicole Ritchie and that's okay. Summerify it up with some super bright colours, palm tree prints, jelly shoes & glitter polish.

3. There is literally nothing that says 'I'm excitedly theme dressing for summer' more than nautical stripes, a yellow cardigan and carmen miranda style fruit earrings. Throw in a macrame shoulder bag that you might have bought on holiday in a tacky tourist shop & some braided sandals to let people know exactly how excited you are that it's not raining.

And that's basically the kind of thing I'll be wearing all summer. I may have to invest in a decent fake tanner in order to ensure that all those bright colours don't make me look so pale that people start thinking I have a serious illness.

Okay, now go listen to this & put on some coconut body butter.

PS. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I don't really have an excuse other than this extended Winter appears to have sapped all of my motivation for EVERYTHING. Thank god Spring is finally clawing its way through. I feel like I am waking up from a loooong hibernation.