Thursday, 4 July 2013

Television Style: Buffy & Willow

I am currently coming towards the end of a rewatch of the full series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was my FAVOURITE all time show when I was growing up, and remains one of my faves to this day. I was seriously obsessed with it in high school- I think most people knew me and a friend as those weird Buffy girls because we would talk about it constantly. I remember spending the majority of my computer classes pretending to do work but reading Buffy scripts & spoilers instead. Thinking back, it had a major impact on me- watching Buffy as I was growing up is probably one of the contributing factors to me identifying as a feminist as an adult, as well as my general liberal outlook & politics. I also think Buffy is pretty important culturally- it captured the feeling, struggles & thought process of a generation and there have been studies into how the language used on the show has impacted how we all speak. Plus it was really funny and clever and had cool magic and stuff, so there's that.

Rewatching it has given me a new found appreciation of the show, and I am noticing things as an adult that obviously resonated with me as a teenager but on a more subconscious level, that stick out so much more now. On a slightly more superficial level though, one thing I didn't expect to love so much was the late 90s/ early 00s fashion- Willow's ugly jumpers are well documented, and there is a lot of shiny material, but the overall fashion effect made me nostalgic & inspired me to put a modern spin on it at the same time. I think one thing about this 90s revival is that a lot of it is more 90s-inspired than a direct copy of the stuff we used to wear back then. I know I for one, won't be wearing some of the ankle swinging trousers that Buffy wears (what was it will the 90s & ill fitting trousers?) but I'm definitely inspired by her overall style. Also I think Willow was definitely ahead of her time with her jumpers. Fashion icon.

Outfit 1 is definitely more of a Buffy outfit, and something very Bronze appropriate. Buffy was a fan of her sheer clothing, and wearing multiple pieces of jewellery. My favourite is the little axe necklace, one of her preferred weapons! No heels though, you need a sturdy yet fashionable boot to slay the vampires that always seem to hang around in the Bronze back alley (a bit dumb of them really considering it was one of Buffy's favourite hangouts, but then they're not famed for their intelligence).

Outfit 2 is again more Buffy than Willow, although both girls are a fan of their dungarees. This is the kind of outfit Buffy wore to school- stylish and comfortable, with a sensible nude lipstick & a backpack large enough to hold her (mostly unopened) textbooks, plus a few stakes. The cross ring is cool, plus it doubles up as weapon against vamps, adding a bit extra punch to her, well, punches.

Outfit 3 is definitely a Willow outfit. Sensible geeks shoes? Check! Fuzzy floral jumper? Check! Witchy pentagram earrings? Check! Plus her bookbag is large enough to carry around her extra credit homework and a few potions for protection spells.

I think Buffy & Willow were definitely two of the most fashionable girls in Sunnydale, although Cordelia would probably have an issue with that!