Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dreaming of Home Decor

As you may know, at the end of this month I am moving from Belfast to Newcastle upon Tyne! I lived there about 5 years ago (wow, has it been that long?!) and I have been dreaming about going back basically ever since I left. But now I am finally doing it and I'm super excited, especially now that everything's all organised for me to just go, I am getting a transfer within the company I work for, and I visited in the first week of January & put down a deposit on a flat, which I am totally in love with!

But of course now I spend practically every waking minute daydreaming about decorating my new place and endlessly browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I want to have a lot of colour and fun in my new flat, but it will also have to be relatively inexpensive as I am not exactly wealthy, so I'll definitely be trawling through Newcastle's charity shops (hello Shields Road!) hoping to find some mid-century bargains, as well as attempting to make a few bits & pieces myself- I'll be making good use of my sewing machine this year!

These little snippets from Pinterest are exactly the kind of thing I'm looking to create in my own home- kitschy, colourful and a bit mis-matched. I particularly love the chalkboard wall on the bottom left, and I'm definitely going to be doing that in the master bedroom where there is already a black feature wall!

And lastly, I have been turning to Polyvore too, to help map out the kind of thing I'll be able to recreate with my budget & with the things I already have- plus it's extremely fun, free, & the next best thing to actually being able to physically decorate!


  1. I loooooove the images you've chosen from Pintrest in this post! I spend so long scrolling through pretty images and lusting over how I want my house to look. The bright colours and quirkily little details are just perfect. I can't wait to own my own place so I can go crazy with the decorating, renting is just too limiting to what you can do. I hope all is going well in your new place and you have it looking how you want it :)
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger