Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Gallery Walls

I've been in my new home almost 3 weeks and I am almost finished decorating my living room! I'm taking more time with this place because I plan on living here longer than I have lived in some of my previous houses so I want to get it right first time, and also, I want to spend a bit more money on it so I will have to tak it at a slower pace so I don't bankrupt myself.

I have a couple final touches to complete the living room, and one of them that I  really want to do and have wanted for ages is a gallery wall. I love the way they look and I think it'll be a great way of filling the blank wall space I have on the largest wall in my living room. As ALWAYS in my life, Pinterest is my number one source of inspiration for this!

l-r clockwise from top
1, 2, 3, 4

I love how colourful and visually interesting a gallery wall can be. It's also a nice way to show of a lot of different interests without cluttering your home, by focusing it onto one wall. I can't wait to get my living room all finished and share the final version here on the blog. And more importantly, I can't wait to start planning the parties I'm going to have, Pinterest will need to get backup servers installed when I start on that mission!