Friday, 8 May 2015

#CoffeewithCurrys - Cocktails & Coffee & Bloggers! Oh my!

The lovely, lovely folks at Joe Blogs emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if I'd like to attend a coffee cocktail masterclass evening hosted by Currys. As someone who views coffee and alcohol as two major food groups I could not reply yes fast enough! I've always wanted to go to a cocktail masterclass so I was super excited. I also really couldn't wait to hang out with the lovely NEblogger lot too- a huge part of my reason for wanting to get more involved in blogging is the social aspect & the prospect of meeting new people with similar interests to mine.

So on Friday at 7PM (after a small disaster where I forget my phone in my house and had to go back for it), I arrived at Revolution in Newcastle city centre to attend the masterclass. Chances are you're familiar with Revolution- there's probably one in your city! The Revolution in Newcastle upon Tyne is inside an old bank and it's really pretty with ornate ceilings and huge columns. It's got a nice chilled out atmosphere and the staff are really friendly. I hadn't been in in years and had forgotten how nice it was- it's definitely made me want to go again. We were all served a delicious coffee cocktail upon arrival, I'm not sure what it was but it was totally unreal. Natalie confessed she wasn't ordinarily one for coffee cocktails but that she was pleasantly surprised by how good it was- I think a few other girls felt the same way too!

L-R Natalie (, me & Rachael ( enjoying our coffee cocktails!

The lovely lot from Joe Blogs welcomed us to the event and talked us through what we'd be doing- they also revealed that the two best tweeters would win a top of the range coffee machine each! After we had all inhaled delicately sipped our cocktails we were led over to the bar area where we were taken in groups of 4 to create our own cocktails! As the evening was coffee themed we would each be making a different coffee based cocktail. The one we made was called the 'Honey Fee'.

It was rather exciting being behind the bar if I'm honest. I kind of felt like a bit of a rebel being somewhere I wasn't supposed to be! The Honey Fee cocktail was made in a regular glass tumbler packed with ice which we would use with a silver shaker but any kind of cocktail shaker would do- we used 2 shots of honey whiskey (I obviously would have preferred Bushmills Irish Honey and repped for home but I'll take what I can get), 1 shot of gomme syrup (simple syrup would probably do the same job if you don't have that), 1 shot of freshly brewed coffee & 2 shots of cream. We then shook our cocktails (my fave part) until they were ice cold, and poured them into ice filled mason jars and topped with whip cream. Very indulgent! They were obviously very delicious, how would they not be with all that sugar and cream! I would definitely try making it at home- although I might just leave out the cream because I kinda felt a bit sluggish and sickly from all the dairy.

The final showstopper in the masterclass was when the final group were pouring their cocktails- the bartender showed the girls how to pour three cocktails at once! It looked so tricky & I would definitely have spilled it everywhere but Rachael pulled it off like a total pro!

Rachel ( pulling out all the stops and pouring 3 cocktails at once!

Then the guys set up a huge shot train (which I am so hip & cool I had never heard of that word before) of rainbow coloured shots with different flavoured vodkas and set it off- very cool! You can watch it here on instagram.

After our cocktail class was over the food arrived and we all decended like locusts on the pizza, cute little paper cones of chips, posh fish fingers and spiced chicken skewers. The winners of the prizes were announced and Lucy and Rachael were the very deserving winners thanks to their top coffee puns and amazing photographs!

It was so lovely hanging out and chatting with the NEbloggers- I really do like them, they're such a funny and warm bunch. I was chatting quite a bit with Rachael from, it's always nice to hear a familiar accent and I guess with Northern Irish people there is a shared sense of humour because I really enjoyed how easy it was hanging out with her. The more we talked the more we realised we had in common- I'm from a small town on the North Coast of NI called Portrush and basically nobody has ever head of it but it turns out she has a lot of family there! EVEN WEIRDER is that as we talked it slowly dawned on us that her uncle is my neighbour. Like genuinely lives across the street from my mum & dad's house. Honestly what a small world. We were also the only two cheeky people to buy extra wine and were the last two to leave. Those damn Irish girls eh? Not really doing a lot for the stereotype, sigh.

It was SUCH a lovely evening and really nice to meet new people as well as see some of the girls I had met at the craft event I went to. I can't wait for more events in the North East so I can hang out with these lovely people again. If you want to see more of what we got up to just check out the #coffeewithcurrys hastag on Twitter & Instagram, or you can read all about it on the Currys Blog post! Thanks so much to Joe Blogs & Revolution Bars for getting us together and a huge, huge thanks to Currys for hosting the event and supplying the winners with such amazing prizes! Cheers!