Monday, 25 May 2015

Etsy Treasures: Fruit Salad

I have always been partial to a fruity print. I love bright colours, (my wardrobe looks like an explosion in a crayon factory), and I love anything kitsch or cute so I think that's why I can't really pass up anything with a fruity theme.

I love Etsy because you can make treasuries to suit a theme and it appeals so much to my list-making, organise everything into categories, virgo brain. I also love how you can search for something as innocuous as 'fruit' and get so many brilliant, hand made & vintage things. I had loads of fun putting this treasury together- it can be a little addictive!

(from top l-r)

1.Lime & Coconut Bowl Pair £23.85: This is one of my favourite Etsy shops 'Vegetabowls'. You guessed it- bowls and pottery in that shapes of fruit and veg. They have some great mugs too! But I love this 'lime in the coconut' set the best.
2.Pineapple Print Skirt £55: There's something really cheering about a pineapple print. I like this skirt because of the thick waistband and structured 'tulip' style
3.Gin & Tonic scented candles: This combines all my favourite things: Gin, lemon scented candles, cute illustrations and mini things!
4. Gold Pineapple Wall Decals £14.24 If you wouldn't want a wall covered in golden pineapples then I don't even want to know you.
5. Pineapple Watch £7.95 What time is it? I don't know because there are no numbers on this watch but look how cute the pineapples are.
6. Vintage Jewellery Fruit Collar Necklace £58.96: I think this is my favourite item on the treasury. I just love how this looks with all the fragments of jewellery assembled together to create something so beautiful. I really like this whole shop- the statement necklaces are amazing.
7. Banana Pillow £21.20 I love yellow and I try and get it into my home furnishings as much as possible so this cushion is PERF.
8. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Acrylic Earrings £11.93: Gwen would be proud tbh. This whole Etsy shop is amazing too and really affordable.
9. Orange Blossom Fascinator £13.25: Fascinators have kind of become a bit 'mother of the bride' these days but I think this one is so cute and summery. It comes in lemon and lime too!
10. Watermelon Print Apron £25: I love the big pockets in this apron! I wear an apron pretty often, both at work & at home so this would make wearing me feel a bit fancier wearing it.
11.Botanical Lemon Artwork £6.63: I love these kinds of botanical vintage drawings, and I am particularly partial to a lemon. I think there's something really pleasing about how citrus fruit looks.
12. Banana Mouse Pad £7.95 I don't even have a mouse and I want this mouse pad.
13. Watermelon Slice Artwork £7.99 Watermelons look great too.I always love the contrast between red and green and those little black pips. Plus they are pretty much essential summer food.
14. Vintage Fruit Cardigan £22.53 I want this cardigan so badly. Applique fruit cardigans are the kinds of things dreams are made of.
15. Kiwi Fruit Necklace £15 This Etsy seller hand draws her designs onto shrink wrap so no two are the same. It gives them a really unique look too!
16. Summer Fruits Cross Stitch Pattern £6.95 If you are into cross stitch like me you can stitch yourself a fruity masterpiece. This design looks fairly simple too so any skill level could have a go!

The only thing is now I have to use all of my willpower to not buy all of it PLUS I have a real craving for watermelon!