Sunday, 27 September 2015

Edinburgh Memories

Even though it seems like a LIFETME ago I wanted to write about my trip to Edinburgh to stay with my favourite Scottish babe, Kirsty. This is the third time I've met Kirsty but I literally feel like I have known her my whole life. You know when you just click with someone, and everything's easy and fun and the best? Well that's my friendship with Kirsty. There is rarely a day that goes by when I don't hear from her, and to my delight she send me the best drunken whatsapps of all time, but equally I can really talk to her when I'm having a shit time and she gives me pep talks and advice and I pretty much adore her beyond belief. I've only been to Edinburgh once before but I didn't really get a good feel of what the city was about so I was SUPER excited to not only spend some time with one of my best pals but to have her show me HER Edinburgh, because I know how much she loves it and would do it proud.

I, of course, ended up completely falling in love with the place. It's so beautiful and interesting, and I felt really lucky actually, because Kirsty used to be a tour guide so she knew all these really macabre facts about Edinburgh's history which I LOVED hearing. And I got to see the Greyfriars Bobby statue & grave- uh dream come true tbh. I also went at the total right time as it was in the middle of Edinburgh's Festival. I had never been to Fringe before & I totally loved it- there is so much to see & do! We went to shows, saw all the different courtyards, and of course stumbled home every night laughing and on the prowl for food! (Side note I had the best falafel & houmous wrap of my life in Palmyra one night- I still think about it all the time, sigh). Kirsty also introduced me to some of her Edinburgh blogger pals and honestly, they are such a lovely, funny, warm bunch of girls who I had a smashing time with! It was a total pleasure to get to hang out with them.

Kirsty had also just gotten her new pal Fitz the cat a few days before I arrived too, so I was so excited to play with him. I am such a huge animal lover and he is the cutest little scamp ever. I did get a really great photo of him looking serene & angelic & like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth (a lie) relaxing on the sofa but I lost it when I updated my phone recently & had to restore it! Devastated, so I've nicked this one off Kirsty so you can see his cute lil face.

One thing we did NOT do though was take pictures of OURSELVES! Honestly, what kind of rookies are we?! So that just means that we're going to have to do it all over again so we can document our obviously beautiful faces together. I love Edinburgh, & I want to visit again & again & again, & what makes it 100% better is that one of the best pals a girl could ask for lives there, with her little rascally cat.